Oreca FLM09

The cornerstone of the LMPC class is the Oreca FLM09 race car.

Beautifully built by the hugely successful Oreca organization with Le Mans and sports car championship winning pedigree, the FLM09 incorporates top-line technology and quality in an affordable package.  A proper race car in every sense, the FLM09 is built around carbon-fiber composite chassis mated to a General Motors based LS3 V8 engine that generates some 430 horsepower.

Transmission – An Xtrac transmission supplies a six-speeds sequential gearbox operated via paddle shifters behind the steering wheel for precise, lightening fast gear changes.

Brakes – Reinforced carbon-carbon disc brakes produce immense stopping power coupled with prototype spec Continental tires enable drivers to brake deeply into corners from virtually any speed the car is capable of.

Acceleration – Weighing just 2000 pounds, the FLM09 easily reaches speeds in excess of 180 MPH devouring the first 100 MPH in less than six seconds.